Nashua Silver




Knights Rally Falls Short

 At tonight’s Silver Knights game, fans enjoyed the clear night and an attempt

at a late-inning rally as the home team took on the North Shore Navigators. The game ended
at 5–4, the Navs ultimately coming out on top.
With a slow start for the Knights, the game begin favorably for the Navs — in the first
inning, the visitors established an early lead at 2–0 and pushed it up to 5–1 by the end of the
Thanks to an RBI single from Kyle Sandstrom #41 in the seventh inning and a two-run
homerun smashed by Luis Atiles #5 in the eighth, the Knights narrowed the Navs’ lead to
The heat was on for the Knights to close the deal in the ninth inning. Dylan Jones #6 singled
but was thrown out by Navs catcher Colin Wetterau during an attempt to steal second. Kyle
Sandstrom #41 and Phoenix Hernandez #1 both singled as well, leaving first baseman Mike
La Rocca #30 to finish the job. With the winning run on first, La Rocca swung at the first
pitch and popped up a foul ball, which was caught by the Navs third baseman to end the
Despite this last-minute push, the Knights were unable to overcome the Navs’ established
The Silver Knights conclude their home-game streak tomorrow with a doubleheader against
the Pittsfield Suns, with the Game 1 starting at 3 p.m. and Game 2 starting 45 minutes after
the conclusion of Game 1.