Nashua Silver



Game Day Staff


The Silver Knights are currently accepting summer staff applications for the 2024 season.

$9/hr for the duration of the season with extra compensation opportunities available.

Internship for college credit is welcomed.

NO HOUSING is available.

Qualifications & Requirements:

  • Desire to pursue a career in the sport industry.
  • The position requires 40 to 80 hours per week, including weekends. Days off on game days are only available under extenuating circumstances. This position must be your first priority.
  • Candidates MUST be available for the entire duration of the season.
  • Computer literate, with Adobe skills being an added bonus.
  • Strong communication skills (written & verbal).
  • Strong customer service skills and ability to work as part of a team.
  • Ability to multi-task with little supervision.

If you are interested in applying for an internship, please download and email the form below (with your resume as an attachment) to Josie Schmidt at [email protected].

Download Application Form

The following positions are available:

Fan Engagement

On-field Host: This position is perfect for someone who is outgoing and who does not mind talking in front of thousands of people. The on-field host must be able to bring energy to our crowd in-between innings and during dead periods throughout the innings. During the day, you will help out with the public relations team in preparing for upcoming games. 

Fan Engagement: Works alongside the on-field host to ensure the most memorable experiences for fans. This position assists the host in planning an activity script, preparing props for activities, bringing fans on the field, and managing waivers. This person must be organized, creative, and able to thrive in a fast-paced environment. During the day, you may help the public relations team or attend community events.

Mascot: Must be outgoing and able to entertain large crowds with dancing, antics, and high fives! This person will be immersed into the fan-experienced and charged with maintaining energy in the crowd. Other tasks may include game-day operations.

Marketing/Public Relations

Social Media: This position includes a large focus on grass roots marketing initiatives with creativity being a necessary skill. Additionally, strong writing skills and basic design skills are needed. Each night it is your responsibility to make the ballpark experience special for all fans, from in-game production to crowd interaction. Other tasks include writing press releases, creating stat sheets, attending community appearances, along with helping to maintain a strong, professional social media presence.

Graphic Designer/Video Board: Must be proficient in graphic design and able to produce flyers, posters, social media and video board graphics. During the game, this position will be operating the video board and live tweeting after each half inning.

Photographer: During games, this position will focus on photographing players, fans, and overall ballpark activity for use on social media. As a member of the Marketing/PR team, other tasks may include attending community appearances, managing social media accounts, and designing graphics.


Stadium Operations: This position consists of helping out with improvement projects throughout the stadium. Additionally, game-day set-up/clean-up will be a main focus. Tasks include kid zone supervision, trash and bathroom checks throughout the game, and tarp pulls during inclement weather. We are looking for someone who is willing to do a variety of tasks around the stadium and has a problem-solver mentality.

Clubhouse Director: This position would be perfect for someone who wants to get more involved with the baseball aspect of the organization. Prior to each game, you would be responsible for equipment management, including laundry services, rubbing baseballs, and setting up helmets/bats in the dugout. Additional tasks include providing pre- and post-game meals for both home and away teams, and the umpires assigned to the game. During games, you would be in the dugout assisting any of the coaches in what they need.

Food & Beverage Operations: Food and beverage positions involve high level customer service, supervision of cash flow, vendor relations, working with concessions director to ensure productive and efficient operation on a nightly basis, management of a stand (including, but not limited to, daily inventory, setup, cleanup), and delivery assistance. This position is well-suited for someone passionate about hospitality and service.


Baseball Analytics/Data Tracking: Keeps accurate record of the scorebook and scoreboard during the game. Will be charged with updating Pointstreak, analyzing team statistics, creating stat reports, baseball cards, and roster sheets.. May have performance/statistics meetings with the coaching staff.

Broadcast Commentator: Must have avid baseball knowledge and the ability to discuss plays and the sport for the duration of a game on the video broadcast with a second commentator. Commentators must be well-spoken, professional, and engaging. Commentators may rotate between reporting the play-by-play and color commentary.

Public Address Announcer: This position requires someone to be comfortable with their own voice being heard by thousands of fans. Additionally, you must develop your own script for what needs to be announced during each game.

Audio Operator: Prepares and operates music, walk-up songs, and sounds for in-game engagement with the crowd. Other tasks may include operations.

Video Broadcaster: Responsible for the live video broadcasting of all home games. Home games are streamed on The FCBL Network. The video broadcaster would also be tasked with setting up all cameras around the stadium prior to the start of the game and maintaining the quality throughout. During home games that are streamed by ETV, this staff member would assist in stadium operations.


Ticket Sales: Ticket sales positions involve enthusiastic sales tactics including, but not limited to, prospecting, cold calling, and scheduling sales meetings with potential customers. Responsible for meeting weekly call benchmarks as well as providing detailed reports of call history. Sales include group outings, catered picnics, suite events, birthday parties, and baseball camp. 

Merchandise: During game day, this position will focus on managing inventory in the merchandise store, assisting in post-game inventory and replenishment, and reconciling cash drawers. Other tasks may include assisting in game-day operations.