Nashua Silver




Nashua Wins via HR Derby

 The Nashua Silver Knights traveled to Brockton for a Monday night matchup against the Rox.

Danny Gracia started on the mound, striking out six batters in five innings and only walking one.
Jared Dupere went 2-4 with two doubles for the night and was crucial in helping get the Knights
on the board in the fourth inning. The Rox were able to battle back in the fifth with a home run
from Joe Sullivan and the heads-up base running by Nick Shumski.
Newcomer Mike La Rocca had a solo home run in the sixth to put the Knights back on top, but
once again the Rox were able to match the run. Kyle Sandstrom was able to open up the scoring
in the seventh, where the Knights scored three runs. Once again, the Rox were able to tie up
the game and after ten complete innings the score remained 6-6.
In the home run derby, the Knights’ only hitter, Billy Butler, hit six homeruns. The Rox selected
Sullivan and Andrew Marra to hit for them, but Marra’s three-homer effort was not enough to
beat Nashua. Butler’s performance led the team to a victory in Brockton.
The Knights improve to 7-8 and will be back at Holman Stadium on Tuesday to take on the Rox
again starting at 7:05 p.m.