Nashua Silver Knights


"Our game night was a definite fundraising success as well as a great marketing opportunity for our organization to increase awareness about Marguerite’s Place.  Between the ticket sales and the 50/50 raffle we did that night we raised over $500.  Our August 3 game was one of the best nights of the summer!  There was a fabulous crowd and it was a really nice night for baseball.  The seats we had blocked off for Marguerite’s Place were awesome!"

- Beverly Doolan, Marguerite's Place

FUNdraising with the Silver Knights is easy! Here's how it works:

 - The first step is picking a game for your fundraiser group

- Then your organization sells tickets to that specific game.

- Tickets are $3, the organization sells them at $5 face value and keeps $2 on each ticket. (sell 100 tickets, thats $200)

- The organization has the chance to operate a 50/50 raffle during the game, and keeps the profit.

        - In order to secure 50/50 on a weekend night (Thurs-Sunday), you must committ to at least 100 tickets. 



If you want to get your organization out for an incredibly fun and affordable outing and raise some money at the same time, this is the perfect way!


Call 603-718-8883 or email to inquire and see if your organization qualifies.